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Mangala Products is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in India of Industrial Heating Elements and Industrial Electric Heaters in brand name SUN which is very well known for its quality and standard. We make all kinds of Industrial Heaters like Tubular Heaters, Casted Heaters (casted in mild steel/aluminium/brass.), Mica / Ceramic Strip and Band Heater (in mild steel /stanless steel), Porcelain Heaters, Casted Heaters, Hot Runner Heaters, Infrared Quartz Heaters, Open Coil Heaters etc. We make all type of custom built as well as special heater as per customer's specifications and requirements.
  Mangala Heaters was established by Mr. Hiren Dave in 1988.
  Company within 22 yrs. of working path having good growth, more than other companies, Which were established in 1988.
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Compartment Heater
20KW. 415 W. 3pH

For Power Core Sectors

Safety Element with
Ejection Device

Water Stills, sterilizers, distilation, boilers, kettles, etc.

Air Drier Heating Assembly
415V. 90KW.

For Heavy Electrical and Power Core Sector and Atomic Energy

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